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  1. Sienna 2nd Generation (2004-2010)
    A strut broke on my 2007 Sienna CE and that broke my wiper linkage assembly. I replaced the struts and bought a wiper linkage assembly from a salvage yard. Everything works, excecpt for the intermittant function. When turned on, the wiper makes the sweep to the top, returns to the bottom, and...
  2. Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    My LTFT has been as high as 18% (after start on warm engine). STFT is oscillating around 0% more or less and seems to be working properly, and O2 sensor is oscillating OK as well. City MPG is down to 18 to 20 MPG, whereas I would expect 22 to 25 MPG (4 speed automatic). I think I have a...
  3. Sequoia Gens 1&2 (2001-2022)
    Hi All, Let me start by saying I did search and couldnt find anything concrete, if there is something out there you are aware of I would appreciate you pointing my in the right direction. Usually after it rains, or high humidity, the factory alarm on my 2001 SR5 goes off when its locked and in...
1-3 of 3 Results