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  1. Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    Hi all, My 2002 Toyota Highlander has been my workhorse for 8+ years and now her and I have 226k miles. About 6 months ago I noticed when I would start the engine, it would occasionally (once a week) idle very low. Around 200-300 rpm. Eventually it became more and more frequent and one day it...
  2. Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    On my Highlander 2002 v6 base, above the rear bumper and below the lip of the trunk, I have holes on either side where a fastener/retainer would go for a strip of charcoal trim. I want to get the part number for this so I can order it, but I've failed to locate this particular area on any of...
  3. Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    Hi, i have a 2002 V6 3.0 Highlander and it has recently developed an issue. After roughly 10 minutes of operation it will not not shift into overdrive. If I turn off the vehicle and hit the road again, the problem disappears for the same duration, if not returning a tad sooner. I also have quite...
  4. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi All, We are finally upgrading our 2002 Highlander (Limited AWD) with a quarter million miles, to a new model, Gen 3. We put all those miles on it since new and are looking forward to a modern model to last us the next 10-13 years. Fabulous vehicles! Figured it's about time I join the...
  5. Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    Hello there! Can someone help me with this? Front rotor minimum thickness of 2002 Toyota Highlander Thanks
  6. Highlander 1st Generation (2001-2007)
    Hi! My toyota highlander V6 2002 have a small oil leak that I think it may be because of the exhaust manifold flange gasket. When the vehicle is on for a long time it will smell similar to burned out brakes or something like that, a guy told me it was the head gasket... but I just do not know if...
  7. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello, guys. I am owner of a toyota highlander 2002, my wife owns a toyota corolla 2005, and all my family are toyota owners, lol. I love toyota! I became a member just to talk and know about how to maintain the vehicle in best conditions. Thanks :hi:
  8. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hey everyone. :hi: My first job out of Highschool was a lot boy at Crystal Lake (Illinois) Toyota Volkswagon back in 1979. I worked there 5 years and gained a huge respect for the Toyota brand. The Volkswagons broke like kids toys, the Toyota owners were rarely seen after purchase and even...
1-8 of 9 Results