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  1. Sharing technical information from manuals

    Previa Forum
    A few days ago I ordered from Amazon a manual, "Toyota Previa Van Repair Shop Manual Original". Total cost $ 78 (book $ 60, shipment $ 18). It will arrive between Oct. 4 and Nov 6 (Gee, why does it take THAT long... ?). Hopefully, it will help me to take apart the rear axle with noisy...
  2. Upcoming Exit Info Gone in 2012 Nav

    Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    I just traded in my 2007 Camry XLE for a 2012 Camry XLE. At first, I thought the new nav system with Entunes looked very cool. Once I started to use it, I found it lacking some key features that existed in the 2007 Camry. Specifically, my old vehicle's nav would display icons about upcoming...