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interior lights
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  1. Sequoia Forum
    Looking to upgrade all interior cabin and door light to LED’s. ISO best vendor, quality and price options.
  2. Highlander 4th Generation (2020+)
    Hello guys, First post here. Got a 2020 Highlander Limited (Canada). Just wondering does your Limited has the tray lights? My Limited doesn't have that or just for the Platinum ? Thanks!
  3. Avensis 2nd Generation (2003–2008)
    Hi, I have a 2006 D4D Avensis , the problem is that the car wont lock with fob, there is no interior lights, door open light is on. any help appreciated as its a pain. Thanks
  4. Camry 8th Generation (2018+)
    so I was looking forward to adding ambient lighting to my car (door bowl, dash light bar, footwell lighting) and was wondering what color/shade of blue each of those lights are so that I can get it as close to OEM as possible. any and all sort of help would be awesome, especially pictures of the...
  5. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    I want to add lights to the foot-well and rear seats for my car (2003 Toyota Camry LE V6) but I am not sure how I plan on wiring it. The way I see it, I have 2 options: 1) add the lights into the circuit containing the dome lights so whenever the dome light is on, all the foot-well lights are...
  6. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    I just recently purchased a 2006 Matrix XR which is turning out to be a great car. I noticed that all the switches and controls on the left side of the steering wheel: the instrument light control dial, anti-theft, tire pressure warning and rear glass hatch opener, etc. don't light up but all...
  7. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Hi, I have a Toyora Corolla Verso 2005. I tried to replace the interior bulbs of the front passengers with some new LED bulbs. The LED bulbs are not canbus. The new LED bulbs work fine, however they do not switch on when the doors open or when I unlock the car. In fact even the rear passenger...
  8. Highlander 1st Gen - Hybrid (XU20/2005-2007)
    Hello, I just purchased a used 2007 HL HV with 81,5XX miles on it. Bought it from a Toyota Dealer and for the last few days have been extremely happy with the purchase since I purchased it at a decent price point ($8988) After the nostalgic period I realized a few features that exist in my...
  9. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    For those who are looking to change their interior lights to LEDs, DO IT! I just replaced the following bulbs to LEDs for my car (2012 SE w/sunroof): Map lights - 2 bulbs Vanity lights - 2 bulbs Courtesy (door) lights - 2 bulbs Dome lights - 2 bulbs Trunk light - 1 bulb License plate lights - 2...
  10. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hey guys im looking for some feedback I'm looking to convert all my interior lights from regular bulbs to LED's I know theres a DIY thread which I read. But I want to know whats the brightest led that i can use while still fitting in my 09 camry se. (2 reading lights, 1 dome light, 2 reading...
  11. Audio, Video, and Security - Tech
    I have a 97 corolla DX plus and few days ago i tried to swap the stock stereo for a BOSS 835UI stereo. Once i was done, the new stereo worked for only 2 minutes and then it started smoking and eventually stopped working. I want to make sure before i put in the new stereo that i am connecting the...
1-11 of 11 Results