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  1. Prussian Blue Japan Camry body kit

    Camry 8th Generation (2018+)
    I was searching through the Japanese Auctions and came across this Prussian Blue Camry body kit + Spoiler and thought I would share it. What do you guys think ?
  2. Tuning without a concept in mind /COROLLA LEVIN AE86

    Toyota FT-86 Forum
    Mr Shakaijin from Japan shared his Corolla Levin with us. As a new idea comes to his mind, he materializes it in the car. SPECS: TOYOTA COROLLA COROLLA LEVIN GT APEX AE86 1985 COLOR: Yellow WHEEL: LONG CHAMP XR-4 TIRE: TOYO PROXES T1-R F:205/50R15 R:225/50R15 SUSPENSION: BILS F:8k R:6k ENGINE...
  3. Girls Having Fun With Cars And Motorbikes

    General Discussion
    On the second Saturday of each month, the event “Relaxed Meeting for Tongari Girls (Outstanding girls)” takes place. This pictures were taken during summer on the parking lot on the top of Yellow Hat Shin-Yamashita Store... on June it was hot, on July rainy, and on August scorching hot! The...
  4. COROLLA LEVIN AE86 / The perfect point between classic and modern

    Toyota FT-86 Forum
    Ryosuke Kojima from Japan shared his Corolla Levin with us. This is his very first car, and the car is even older than him. SPECS: NISSAN COROLLA LEVIN AE86 1986 COLOR: white/black WHEEL: ADVAN A3A TIRE: DIREZZA ZⅡ STAR SPEC SUSPENSION: GReddy (TRUST) EXTERIOR: S package, TRUENO tail lamp...
  5. The Intensity Of D1GP - Professional Drifting

    Hardcore Tech and Competition
    Have you heard before about D1 Grand Prix in Japan? As you could have guessed easily, it is a racing event for professional drifters (yes, you can actually make legal money out of it.) For those who know about it, names like Daigo Saito and Yuki Matsui must be familiar. By the way...
  6. AEM and OEM Parts for SUPRA!

    Supra Forum
    ENKEI PF07 159 USD 7Jx18+48 100-5H HIPERMAX LS Coilovers 399 USD spring (F: 16K / 180mm · R10K / 205mm) Veilside EI Front lip spoiler 199 USD SONAR Squid...
  7. SPRINTER TRUENO AE86. The lightest Hachiroku

    Toyota FT-86 Forum
    FUJImon from Japan shared his Corolla Sprinter Trueno with us. The tuning style was inspired by the Osaka Kanjo Style (motosport and urban racing) SPECS: TOYOTA SPRINTER TRUENO AE86 1986 COLOR: gray WHEEL: RS Watanabe TIRE: DUNLOP SUSPENSION: BLITZ, TRD 2way LSD ENGINE: 4AG 4 valve, high...
  8. FS Anybody interested in 7th generation Corolla Wagon

    Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    Hey guys, I have 94 Corolla 7AFE, Japanese built wagon that I am thinking of selling. It is DX, 5 speed manual, AE102 line. These are relatively rare cars in US, but very popular and common in all the rest of the word. I saw those in diesel and gas versions all over Sweden, France and Germany...
  9. Any difference between Japan and US built Gen 4 hoods?

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Hi TYN! So the paint on the hood of my 98 camry hood has gone to pot. I was looking in to having it repainted, but to get a good job done was more than i want to pay. I actually found a 98 camry on cragslist for parts in the same color. Figure Ill just swap hoods and enjoy the OEM paint...
  10. Flashing A/C indicator 1997 Camry LE sedan 4cyl need advice on how to fix.

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Hi, I just fixed EGR and EVAP check engine codes today using all the great help from this forum. The check engine codes seem to have gone for now but I just noticed a new problem - my green A/C indicator started flashing today. Usually it stays ON solid when turned on. The A/C seems to be...
  11. Introducing myself and my 97 Camry

    Introduce Yourself Here
    Greetings from Portland Oregon. I'm aj and I own a beautiful near mint condition Japan made 1997 camry with only 150k miles. I have babied this car since I bought it new 16 years ago. I plan to post pics soon. Today I worked on fixing EGR and Evaporative emissions check engine codes. I used...
  12. Toyota Auris Stars in Japanese ‘Spanking Orchestra’

    Toyota News
    Toyota’s new Auris campaign in Japan has already spawned a music video featuring a singer who identifies as transgender. The Auris is now also the center of an art display called “Spanking Orchestra.” The impressive drumming display features robotic hands attached to the Auris and a pair of...
  13. Toyota Debuts New Auris Ad Using Transgender Woman

    Toyota News
    Toyota’s ads for the 2013 Auris already made headlines for featuring a model who identifies as a transgender woman. Now, the automaker produced another ad for the Auris featuring a transgendered singer from a Japanese band. “DAS × AURIS BUTTOCKS DRIVE!!” is the name of the video. It was made...
  14. Toyota Auris Now on Sale in Japan

    Toyota News
    Toyota's Auris is now for sale in Japan but will not be making its European debut until the upcoming Paris auto show. The Auris is in essence a Corolla hatchback. The Matrix hatch we see over here is slightly larger. When the new Corolla comes to America, the Matrix will likely be...
  15. 2013 Toyota Auris Commerical Uses Transgender Model

    Toyota News
    Toyota’s new Japanese-market ads for the 2013 Auris show that this is a car for only a select part of the buying public. The new campaign features a model from Israel who identifies as transgender. The tagline for the campaign is “not in trend, not casual, not for everyone, not authority, but...
  16. Toyota Japan Retirees Spending Golden Years Farming

    Toyota News
    In Japan’s Toyota City, retirees from the automaker that loans it’s name to the city are spending their golden years working on farms. Toyota employees are required to retire from full-time work at 60 years-of-age. Expecting a tremendous quantity of retired baby-boomers with an excess of...
  17. Toyota Cutting Japanese Production in October

    Toyota News
    Toyota is slashing its output in Japanese factories by 16 percent starting in October as the Japanese government is ending a subsidy program. The production cut is based on a production average from January to May of this year. The top automaker will cut 500 units every day in August and the...
  18. Toyota Releases Porte and Spade to Japanese Market

    Toyota News
    Toyota has just launched the second generation of the Porte mini-MPV and it now has a twin, called the Toyota Spade. These are only sold in Japan but wow are they interesting. While not Kei cars, they are quite small and are based on the Yaris. The Japanese public asked for small cars with...
  19. Lexus CT200h Gets Customized by Wald

    Toyota News
    Wald International are known for their Black Bison treatments. The Japanese customizer has just released photos of the new Black Bison trimmed Lexus CT200h. Thus far the only details released are about the exterior. New bumpers and side skirts greatly change the look of the car, making it...