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  1. Land Cruiser Forum
    Hi Everyone, I have just bought a 1990 Toyota land cruiser swb 70 series but it does not have a users manual. I was wondering, after extensive searching on the internet without any luck, if anyone here could help me out or point me in the right direction. I am especially looking to get some...
  2. Land Cruiser Forum
    Any advice or pointers on where to find an ABS Actuator Assembly for a 1998 Land Cruiser? Thanks Scott
  3. Land Cruiser Forum
    Hello all. I took delivery of 2021 with only 16 miles yesterday!! It's black with a burgundy type interior. We love it. I would love to smoke/black the tail lights etc. Does anyone have any leads on where to start looking?
  4. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello everyone. I have a 2010 base model Camry that still drives the like the day we bought it (new). I love that freakin car. I just took delivery yesterday of a 2021 Land Cruiser for my wife. She had no idea!! So I had it flatbed delivered so that it showed up with 12 miles on it. She's...
  5. Land Cruiser Forum
    Has anyone ever experienced this error on '07 Prado original headunit? I've tried disconnecting the battery and headunit for it to be reset, but it still showing.
  6. General Automotive Discussion
    So, I currently have an ‘02 4Runner SR5, and I love the hell out of it, I plan on keeping it for as long as I can, but its only a 2wd, I’ve gotten it stuck twice and I wasn’t even doing anything crazy. I would like a 4wd for traveling and light to medium trail use, as well as snow and ice...
  7. Land Cruiser Forum
    Looking to sell this wrecked 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser- 4x4 with Positive track system. Entertaining all offers. Located in Charleston, SC Motor and transmission still intact and working. Tires are in excellent shape.
  8. Vehicles
    Hi, I am looking to buy a Sequoia to tow a boat and preferably around 2007 or later. Earlier is fine also but just would like the mileage to be somewhat low. I am also okay with a 100 series LC. Thanks!
  9. Land Cruiser Forum
    Salutations. So a customer brought in 2001 land cruiser and was complaining about her oilnpreasure gauge not working. Being I've had a few sports cars (7 MR2's, mk3 supra, 630whp forester, 3 wrx's) with aftermarket gauges my first thought was the sending unit is bad. The weird thing is when...
  10. Land Cruiser Forum
    Started noticing that one side of my cruiser looked lower than the other. Measure last night from top of wheel opening, down center line of axle to the ground. The left side is almost 1.5 inches lower than the right. What is causing this? Worn out rear spring? Car has 130k mostly highway miles.
  11. Land Cruiser Forum
    This year (senior year) I have decided to undertake an ambitious project for my 1997 land cruiser FJ80. the objective is to design and create a bolt-on portal to put on my cruiser. the only problem is that I have no accurate method of taking the measurements of the axle and trunnion that I need...
  12. The South
    Hello looking to hangout, get upgrades, just chat, admire .... :) Atlanta Metro, will to drive a little Thanks! Farmer ✌
  13. Land Cruiser Forum
    You can't beat a LAND CRUISER. Even after 271,000 miles, it just wants to keep on going. I use this every day, and would not be afraid to take it anywhere in the country. It's that reliable. It has no major problem, just little things that go along with it's age. All the windows work. It has...
  14. Land Cruiser Forum
    I'm looking at a new camping trailer and a new tow vehicle. Considering a 2016 or newer Land Cruiser. The trailer weighs 5K empty so let's say 6K loaded to go. It is 27 feet long and 10.5 feet high. I'd get a weight distributing hitch and antisway bar set-up. I'll be living in Colorado...
  15. Land Cruiser Forum
    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first car. I was looking for something reliable and figured a Toyota would be my best bet. I found a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser on Craigslist thats just a couple miles from where I live. It has 186,000 miles and they are asking $7400. What are the common problems? Is this...
  16. Vehicles
    Selling mine 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 2.4 Turbo Diesel. Located: Charlotte, North Carolina Asking price: $13,500. ( Cash) Odometer: 90k Contact : Egor , cell: 252-723-9476 A very rare find- 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo-Diesel 2.4 4x4 This is a direct import from Japan ( right hand steering)...
  17. Vehicles
    San Antonio, TX, USA- 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser, Maroon Exterior, Dark Brown Interior, 197,788 Current Miles, Sound System, Alarm. Price: $18,500 Or Best Offer Local Sale only April 2013: Engine Was Rebuilt Sent to Machine Shop @193,869 Miles for: New Valves, Freeze Plug, Oil Pump, New Plugs...
  18. Land Cruiser Forum
    The 105 Series Land Cruiser has a different motor than the 100 Series, so it must have different manuals. Can anyone help me find a free downloadable 105 Series manual? Thanks!
1-18 of 51 Results