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  1. Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    I've got a 2002 Corolla with a 4cyl 1zzfe engine Two years ago I overhauled the engine to cure my disappearing oil problem. The car runs great and no more disappearing oil. But now I have a leak that I can't locate or identify. At first I thought it was a bad radiator hoses and clamps. I...
  2. Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)
    Hi, My 99 corolla (54k) needed a new water pump and i replaced the coolant with a new one. I had never done so since i bought the car. Since then i notice the temperature raises much slower than before. If i put coolant in the reservoir, the car drops a big part of it while i drive. I notice...
1-2 of 2 Results