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  1. Imported AE86 Levin Bluetop Build Thread

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi, my name is Evan and I own a 1986 AE86 Corolla Levin imported from okinawa. To start out, here is a video of the car in its current state of modification wasting some high octane gas: CURRENT ISSUES/NIGGLES WITH CAR: -MAP sensor issue, car stutters when releasing throttle at high speed...
  2. Ae111 Instrument lights too dark HELP!

    Corolla 7th Generation (1993-1997)
    Hey guys! First post here, and this one thing is doing my head in! So long story short, I have now bought 3 different sets of LEDs and Bulbs (in blue) and none of them have been bright enough to light up my instrument cluster! My stock lights which I still have is fine, but any blue aftermarket...
  3. Tuning without a concept in mind /COROLLA LEVIN AE86

    Toyota FT-86 Forum
    Mr Shakaijin from Japan shared his Corolla Levin with us. As a new idea comes to his mind, he materializes it in the car. SPECS: TOYOTA COROLLA COROLLA LEVIN GT APEX AE86 1985 COLOR: Yellow WHEEL: LONG CHAMP XR-4 TIRE: TOYO PROXES T1-R F:205/50R15 R:225/50R15 SUSPENSION: BILS F:8k R:6k ENGINE...
  4. Hello from jason and help 4AGE

    Introduce Yourself Here
    hi all im new here so bare with me lol. i have heard that on the 4age engine 20v you can add a switch from the vvt solenoid the manual ground the vvt. can some one please post me a picture of where to find the solenoid and/or the ecu in levin and if you have the pin out for the vvt on ecu that...
  5. FS: Rims & Tires (Toronto/GTA/Peel Region)

    Car Parts for Sale
    Hey Everyone! I had parted out my AE86 late last year, so I'm selling off the extra stuff I had for it. I have here 4 items for sale. I had also posted these on Kijiji. Local pick-up recommended, but will ship at buyers expense. City or Region: Toronto/GTA/Peel Region Email Address: Please...
  6. The great AE111 Transmission search

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi People i'm dropping in from the mr2 forum and i'm on the prowl looking for the lsd C160 tranny off the blacktop motor. I was hoping some of you out there with the AE86's might have one kicking around in your garage somewhere... I'm having a difficult time finding one online locally as i...
  7. Name these Rims

    Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi everyone , Noob here posting thread for the first time , anyways , Im rebuilding a AE86 and im trying to get it as close to my dad's old SR5. He forgot what they are . Im wondering if anyone knows what rims these are. Sorry for the Blurry pictures , the photos are from 86. Thanks !
  8. Ae92 Levin Parts..

    Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    So I found this site that is like a parts catalog nd is willing to ship parts out.. They have parts for an AE92 Coupe soo i was just wondering what is the Part number for a Levin Front bumper for An AE92 coupe?? Nd Can Anybody help Me decipher this.. Front bumper & bumper stay for Corolla...
  9. What Front end is this??

    Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Nd Are these authentic JDM Headlights nd Tailights?? Nd if so What are they? Trueno Or Levin?? Thank You!