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  1. Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    As the title says, if anyone has one hanging around from TRD, MFactory, or Quaife I would be interested.
  2. My 20V Blacktop 7th Gen Corolla Hatchback

    I bought it 100% stock about 5 years ago, it's the 1.6Si trim with the FX-GT interior and front bumper. I started with the swap project a year ago by acquiring a Levin Trueno BZ-R as a donor car. I swapped the entire drivetrain into my Corolla, including the 6 speed trans with LSD. I also...
  3. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Hi, I have a question regarding the title. I was planning on changing over the diff fluid as I'm not sure when it was last done. While I was getting ready to do it I realised that the two front wheels spin the same way when turned. Now I've come to two conclusions after looking it up. Either...
  4. Hardcore Tech and Competition
    Hi everyone. Im new here and I wanted to see what you guys are doing over here. Im mainly on the YarisWorld forum, but I feel I have a lot in common with many other Toyota owners as well since Im running a 2zrfe. let me know what you think, this was the first autocross after doing the MT swap/build!
  5. Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    I am really looking for an MK2 LSD Differential for my 83 toyota cressida! Current diff is welded and I'm not a big fan of it.. So if you have an MK2 diff (Or other LSD Differentials) please let me know i would love to buy it! Also looking for some Fender mirrors for my 83 cressida, preferably...
  6. 89-95 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Hey folks I've got a 89 base 2wd ext. cab 22re auto. I got it for $1800 with 105k on it with little to no rust anywere. I love this little truck. I drive it every day and put a little stabil in every tank because I only put gas in it about once a month. Ok, heres the rub. Sounds great...
  7. Truck/SUV/van parts for sale
    Well everyone, I finally parted with my 06 Tundra. It was a hard decision I am still dealing with, but V8 gas mileage was killing my wallet :-/ Anyways, I still have a couple of goodies for it, if you are interested. Brand New TRD/Kazuma LSD. Still in box. Asking $300 + Shipping, but will...
  8. Corolla Older Generations (1969-1987)
    Hi People i'm dropping in from the mr2 forum and i'm on the prowl looking for the lsd C160 tranny off the blacktop motor. I was hoping some of you out there with the AE86's might have one kicking around in your garage somewhere... I'm having a difficult time finding one online locally as i...
  9. Celica Forum
    I just got my hands on an '81 ST and I'm trying to find out what LSD or locking diff options I have. It's a budget build as I am a broke college student. Anybody know if certain locking truck diff's fit and which ones? Thanks guys.
1-9 of 9 Results