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  1. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Recently bought a used 2002 Camry LE. Ran fine the first couple days I had it, however the first day I tried driving to work in the morning(how poetic), it stalled and died in the middle of the highway when I slowed down. The first tips I had were to clean the throttle body and/or clean the...
  2. Camry & Solara Lounge
    Helping my son's girlfriend fix a 2004 Solara car, with 125k miles she just bought. She is a poor college student so im trying to help her out. It is hesitating at lower speeds only while accelerating. I cleaned the mass air flow sensor and it seemed to drive better for about ten minutes and...
  3. MR2 Forum
    I can always count on this forum for good advice. I did all the BGB checks and cleaned. Mine is just worn out after 20 years of use. Car bogs, light comes on, car runs rich, and MPG dropped by 10. Cleaning helped, but it needs to be replaced. My car is all stock. Toyota wants $700. part #...
  4. Car Parts for Sale
    I recently bought and rebuilt a 7 1/2" 10 bolt 410 gear rear end for my 89 pickup not paying attention to the fact that I needed an 8". What an idiot lol. Anyways I bought the third member for $150 and the rebuild kit with all the bearrings for $180 I'd like to get some of my money back out of...
  5. RAV4 1st Generation (1994-2000)
    I have a 2000 rav4, 4cyl. Do I have a MAF sensor and if so is it the sensor on the throttle body at the end of the intake "snorkle"
  6. Pre-88 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    I've got an 88 toyota SR5 V6 3.0L pickup truck and the MAF went out on it. New ones are about a grand, so I went to the junkyard and got a used one. Here's the thing, I got it off of a 1995 Toyota 4 runner. Does anyone know if this is compatible with my '88 truck's MAF?? I won't go into why...
1-6 of 6 Results