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  1. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Hi folks, I’m trying to diagnose a strange noise coming from the engine bay. I started noticing it in the summer when I was running the AC. Every time I took it over 3000rpm, there was a grinding noise that came through. I thought it might be AC compressor, but it was happening consistently...
  2. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Ok so I am just getting into this stuff but what engines are even possible to fit in the standard engine bay. I was wondering if you could LS swap it but I’m not sure if it would fit without serious money/modifications. If I could get a list of good engines that fit that would be great...
  3. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Ok a quick backstory to this problem. Last summer I was randomly driving when the check engine light turned on and my toyota matrix lost acceleration and went into LIMP mode. It said it had a ECM problem on the check engine light. Well I just turned off the car, started it back up and didn't...
1-3 of 3 Results