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  1. MR2 Forum
    Hey Mr2 drivers I currently drive a 99 toyota camry 5sfe with a 5 speed and I love it. Ive stumbled upon a 1991 Mr2 with a 2.0 engine swap. the previous owner swapped the engine. It has 165k and 180k on the chassis. suspension and tires are good. interior is ok. paint is bad.... It hasn't been...
  2. MR2 Forum
    hey guys, new to the forum, been trolling for the last few days. ill cut to the chase, ive always liked the mk2 mr2's and decided to look into buying one. i found one local, but im not sure if i can trust the car. its in the shop right now getting a new clutch put in, and the guy is supposed to...
  3. MR2 Forum
    hey guys, im new here.. im more of a supra guy, i was suppost to purchase a MKIV Twin Turbo 6 speed not too long ago.. but got in a bit of a problem, and now im shot on money.. having enough only for my second favorite car (mr2 turbo) :D ive heard that the best mr2's are after 93' cuz they...
1-3 of 3 Results