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  1. Supra Forum
    I come here searching for advice, i’m not a big forum guy so now sure how all this works but i recently purchased a 87 mk3 with a blown 7gte and i’m looking for fun swaps. I feel like a 1/2j is to basic and i personally love the 4g63 and wanted to know if anyone has heard of this swap or has any...
  2. Supra Forum
    Hi guys, i have a 1987 supra N/A and i was wondering what the easiest swap would be, with what iv'e done my research the 7mgte sounds like its the easiest but what woud i need to swap out other then the engine and tranny? would i also have to swap the drivetrain diff and rear axles? please let...
  3. Supra Forum
    I am looking at buying a MkIII Supra in my area. It is a 1989 5 speed manual with the 7m:GE. The guy says the engine runs good but the body needs a new paint job and probably replacement doors because of rust. This car wouldn’t be my daily as I have a 3rd gen Tacoma for that. I have just always...
1-3 of 3 Results