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  1. Supra Forum
    I come here searching for advice, i’m not a big forum guy so now sure how all this works but i recently purchased a 87 mk3 with a blown 7gte and i’m looking for fun swaps. I feel like a 1/2j is to basic and i personally love the 4g63 and wanted to know if anyone has heard of this swap or has any...
  2. Supra Forum
    Backstory: My father passed down his 1990 supra turbo targa 5 speed to me to see if I wanted to tinker with it. Car has been sitting since 2005 without being started. A month ago I checked all the fluids to make sure she had something in her and she was full. I know it's all old but I just...
  3. Supra Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm in need of some direction here. I have been thinking of getting a MK III Supra (after I sell my MR2) and recently found a clean '89 non-turbo one on Craigslist. I was talking to the guy who is selling it for a bit and he said that the whole car is solid, but I guess the...
  4. Car Parts for Sale
    Energy suspension front bushing $75 shipped Energy Suspension rear bushing $45 shipped Beech Performance Rear Subframe bushings. $75 shipped All brand new never used, still in original boxes. $175 shipped for all three sets. Maxworx aluminum surge tank $50 shipped
1-4 of 4 Results