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  1. MR2 Forum
    Well I have and mr2 91 5sfe and the engine can’t be fixed. I was wondering if I could put a rebuilt 5sfe meant for a Camrys of the same decade does it matter if it’s automatic or front wheel drive. What I’m trying to ask will I need any extra parts if it’s possible?
  2. MR2 Forum
    I have a problem where when I'm driving and I hit boost around 4 to 5k rpms my car stops going and I have to limp on the gas in order to accelerate unless I restart my car sometimes it dies and doesn't want to start again any help matters it's a 91 mr2 with a 3sgte swap
  3. MR2 Forum
    16. There will be no posts or threads containing a direct link to Toyota Factory Service Manuals. All threads about copyrighted Toyota material will be deleted, and Forum Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to determine what material is copyrighted or not. First offense will result in a...
1-3 of 3 Results