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  1. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Just checking in and posting up pics of my new camry. For those who care to read: use to own a 3.5 Gen 96 Camry motor went bad smh.......I have already plastidipped the grill and rear emblem/badges. Awaiting my shipment of coilovers to arrive from ebay, and i am undecied on what size wheels and...
  2. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Just starting this thread for sh?!s and giggles. I want to know if anyone has thought of ever having a convertible or even roadster version of their Camry. One of my friends says its the stupidest idea you can do to a Camry, while others say they would like to see it first before they judge...
1-2 of 2 Results