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mud flap

  1. Gen4 front front fender liner: Rear 3 screws removed, still stuck.

    Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    I'd like to temporarily loosen most of my 2001 (Gen 4) Camry's front fender liner (driver's side). At the lower rear of the liner, 3 plastic screws hold it to the door panel. I've removed those, but under them are what look like thin, clear plastic washers under the screw heads, and on the...
  2. Are mud flaps a good or bad thing?

    Corolla 11th Gen Sedan 2014-19, Scion iM 2016-18
    I was going to get mud flaps when I got my car. I ordered some then cancelled at the last second. Here was my thinking. Where I live it doesn't rain much in the summer. In the winter it rains and snows heavily. The ice (and salt fro the roads) gets built up behind the front and back tires. I...
  3. broken mud flap fastners

    Tacoma 2nd Generation (2005-2015)
    Hey my fellow Toyo lovers. So I hit a deer, it went under my tire and broke off my mud flap. I have the Mud flap still & all I need to fix it are the little pieces that hold the flap in place? I don't want to go to the dealership, can anyone direct me to a good place price wise to fix it/buy new...
  4. 2012-2013 Camry Mud Guard Installation Instructions

    Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    If anyone is in need of installation instructions for factory mud guards for their 2012-2013 Camry you can try the following link: Once you're there you'll see two options: one for the base Camry...
  5. WTB 2004 Tacoma TRD Front Mudflap

    Truck/SUV/van parts for trade or wanted parts
    Hi I am looking for the drivers side front mudflap (mud flap) for a 2004 Tacoma 4x4 TRD. Please private message if you have one. Thanks!