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  1. Venza Gen2 Hybrid (2021+)
    Hi I ordered a Venza Limited from the dealer in April and had no luck so far although they had been offering me a one with Panoramic roof which I am not very keen on for couple of reasons based on my own assumptions. I want to check with folks here whether these can be true or not. The dealer...
  2. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hi, Big thanks to TOYOTA for making the COROLLA CROSS HYBRID car. I really wanted to buy this car, but the one thing is stopping me and that is..... PANORAMIC SUNROOF. And it is the trend these days. I personally don't like MG HS by its design but I like MG HS for two things. 1st Amazing Seat...
  3. Highlander 4th Generation (2020+)
    Was about to pull the trigger on a new Highlander and got stuck because 1) I really really like the XSE body style vs other trims but I really really want a panoramic sunroof and a larger infotainment screen and 2) very little negotiating room on pricing due to the shortage. So I’m ok waiting...
1-3 of 3 Results