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    Hey everyone! New to the Forum and new to the Cressida world, recently purchased a 1990 Toyota Cressida MX83 and i have plans to swap a 1JZ VVTI with R154 into it but need some help on making a parts list for said conversion, If anyone has done said swap or has good info on the subject then by...
  2. Car parts for trade, wanted parts, or free offers
    Like the title says, I'm looking for either a R154 or W58 transmission. I could also settle for a RWD tail shaft housing for a W series transmission. Let me know what you have. Thank you very much!
  3. Vehicles
    Unfortunately I can only keep one project right now and the Supra has to go. I've had this car for a few years and have always taken good care of it. I had bigger plans for this but its time for it to go, extra parts I've gathered up over the years can go with for the right price. 3rd owner car...
  4. Vehicles
    I am selling my 1991 Supra with a 2JZ swap. This car is a well looked after MkIII Supra. It has no rust and runs well. This car has a 2JZ twin turbo swapped into it. 129xxx km on the body and similar on the motor. This car was imported from Japan a year and a half ago. I need to sell this...
1-4 of 4 Results