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  1. The South
    THE NETWORK CHILDREN’S BOOK RUN The Network of Community Ministries in Richardson provides food, shelter, clothing, counseling, health care, school supplies, and books to children in need. Especially around Christmas, entertaining children’s books are a most popular item….but one that runs out...
  2. Introduce Yourself Here
    Hello, My name is Lee and I just bought a 1999 Camry V6 LE. It is my first Toyota. I've always known Toyotas are strong on reliability, I just never had the opportunity to own one My online forum id, TOTC is from my blog, It stands for Top of the (food) Chain. It is a pro 2A blog and...
  3. MR2 Forum
    Just sharing this cool MR2 experience!:eek: It's posted at SHOW & SHINE.
  4. Hardcore Tech and Competition
    Great news, the 2011 series dates have now been set for the Poughkeepsie Sports Car Club's Rallycross season. This year's events will once again be held on one of the huge rock-free fields at Greig's Farm like last year. The dates are June 26th and July 24th. We may add more events to the...
  5. MR2 Forum
    Just found this: More details/video action posted here:
  6. Show & Share
    Thought I'd share the thrills of hillclimb time trials. Here are some highlights from the HILLHO MR2, ending with this DNF: Prior two runs in pouring rain: Saturday's close call with the Pagoda "rock": Personal Best (127.1) Results:
41-46 of 46 Results