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  1. The South
    Clear Blue Sky Rally, a National SCCA Championship event This road rally will show off some pretty roads in Collin and Grayson Counties. We will visit the towns of Weston, Van Alstyne and Howe. There will be course-following tests, designed to see how well you can follow the rules. All are...
  2. The South
    One Toyota entered the rally to Nocona last month, taking fifth in First-Timer Class. Our next competition is the annual map rally. The DFW Map Rally will be held on Saturday, May 30. It will start in Garland, and end in Rockett, Texas. We will ask you to locate a dozen or so points on a...
  3. The South
    Spring is road rally time, and we are ready to fill the need with the Spaghetti Western Rally. A country drive from Grapevine to Nocona should get those juices flowing. A bit too early in the year for Bluebonnets, but still a fun getaway from city traffic. You might ask what a city named...
1-3 of 3 Results