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  1. General Lexus Discussion
    This is a pretty specific question that I haven't been able to find an answer for just through google, so maybe someone here can help! I'm wondering if the small front grille added to SCs in 1996 was introduced for any specific purpose (such as to improve airflow from the earlier models or...
  2. General Lexus Discussion
    Hey Toyota fourms! here i am... seeking some help on what to do, im in a little bit of a pickle, and any advice would really be helpful. i have a 1992 toyota soarer its a 1jzgte. runs good just replaced my water pump. i ahve a problem though the bottom block where the alternator blot goes into...
  3. General Lexus Discussion
    im picking up my 91 soarer this week, and im wondering what i should do right off the bat to get bigger power. ( like the most noticible/easiest ways to get more hp) any suggestions?
  4. Car Parts for Sale
    i have for sale a 1JZ-GTE Motor out of my Soarer just done a 2JZ-GTE Conversion comes with all bolt-ons or can be negotiated with out :) asking $1000 motor has only done 145,000 k's Call 0450550167 for more info. Motor is located in Guildford NSW. Motor fits the following cars: Gen 1 Supra...
1-4 of 4 Results