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  1. Caldina Forum
    can someone please help with a wiring diagram for a GTT Caldina 1997.... 3SGTE st215 model. Im doing an assignment for my mechanics course and have to put a relay into a vehicle. I choose my car and I am changing the what the auto sensing headlights do. Instead of the lights turning on when it...
  2. Caldina Forum
    Hi all, I have a '98 Caldina GT-T (Aerial trim). I'm looking for info relating to the exhaust BPV which sits in one of the tail pipes (butterfly valve operated by motor housed in rear quarter panel). I noticed that the valve doesn't appear to be opening and remains closed throughout the rev...
  3. Caldina Forum
    A few weeks ago I made and installed a custom cold air intake for my brother's 1998 Caldina GT-T. It made a noticeable difference in performance and now makes an awesome fluttering noise when easing off the throttle. I'd recommend it to everyone with a 3S-GTE engine. He originally had a K&N...
1-3 of 3 Results