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  1. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hey all, so I was looking over at the TC boys forums and saw talk about the stock 2az-fe being able to handle upwards of like 280-300hp on stock internals and upgraded injectors. I just bought a remanufactured 2azfe long block for my 03 camry and wanted to know what do you guys think about a...
  2. Corolla 9th Gen/1st Gen Matrix (2003-2008)
    Hey guys, I just wanted some insight on what mods / upgrades I can do (first) to increase the HP on my 2004 Toyota Corolla S that has a TRD 1.8L Supercharger. My mod list includes: Weapon-R Cold Air Intake, MWR Short Shifter, MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust, Coilovers, Running on Premium Fuel ...
  3. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    So I’m looking to get a 3.0L V6 FWD JDM Engine - 1MZ-FE to swap out the 2.4 in my 2002 Camry. Now I’ve heard it’s next to impossible facepalm but I’m curious as to if it would be possible to modify and get either a supercharger or turbo kit placed within? I know it sounds obscene but I had to ask.
  4. T-100 Forum
    Rarely does a month pass without someone discussing the virtues of putting a supercharger on the 3.4L engine of a ‘97-‘98 T100. I don’t disagree in the least that if one can afford it, it would be a great addition! However, I am growing weary of these discussions... Not because the pool of TRD...
  5. Previa Forum
    Just picked up a "new for me" 95 S/C LE. I had a 94, same model. This one is pretty sluggish comparatively. I am wondering if there is a definitive way to test the supercharger or just know for sure if its functioning so I can move on to something else like transmission adjust or tune up? I...
  6. 4Runner Lounge
    Does Toyota TRD make a blower for my 2013 4Runner that would keep my warranty? Or something similar?
  7. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    hi there i am new to this forum so i am not familiar with this. So my story... i am looking into buying a 3rd gen camry 96 to b specific. i am looking to make it a city driving car but tuned up 2 the max & go fast. i was thinking of going v6 and super charged. you guys are toyota gurus what v6...
  8. Corolla 6th Generation (1988-1992)
    Does anyone know where i could get a supercharger kit for my 1991 corolla gts redtop?
1-8 of 8 Results