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  1. T-100 Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm curious about something. I have installed a 4" spindle lift on my 2WD T, and I'm curious, could I take out the front lower shock mount on my shocks and reuse that into a 4WD shock that is extended to fit my truck? Thanks!
  2. T-100 Forum
    Hey y'all, I just took my 97 T100 to the mechanic to get my steering rack taken care of. I get a call a couple days later that i need the intermediate shaft on the column replaced and toyota discontinued that part. According to their research there is no one manufacturing that part anymore so...
  3. T-100 Forum
    Hey all, I just recently bought a 97 t100, 2wd. I'm looking to achieve a lift as the end result looking like this, I've done research (too much) on lifts, and I like the tire size in this picture. Any advice on how to achieve this? Thanks y'all. First pic will be my truck: Goal:
  4. T-100 Forum
    Hey everyone, had some questions. So I recently picked up a 97 T100, about 2 days later it wouldn't start, no crank/no start/no click. The dash lit up, my headlights didnt dim when trying to start vehicle up. I did my research, and narrowed it down to a bad starter, neutral safety switch, or...
  5. T-100 Forum
    Hey y'all, new member here. Just wanted to introduce myself. Just bought a 1997 2wd Toyota T100. Great running truck, and no rust. It's amazing. I'm clocking in at 163K on the engine. I had a question on my specific year of truck, and I'm honestly not sure if my year of truck differs from...
1-5 of 5 Results