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  1. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Does the 2016 Camry se or XSE have tint on the tail lights vs the Le not having any? I notice some Camrys tail lights looking darker than mine but I don’t know if it’s just the sunlight, or they’re tinted. It’s always the SE or XSEs that seem tinted.
  2. Camry 5th and 6th Gen '02-'11, Solara '04-'08
    Hey guys/gals, Can anyone tell me what the difference is between 2009 and 2011 camry tail lights? They look the same but I am guessing there is some differences. Ideally I would like to get the ones in the attachment, but I am not sure how much modding it would require. Am I just out of luck...
  3. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Hey y'all, I've always wanted tints but never had the time to do so. Yes, tints look cool and help keep the interior cooler in the summer. However, with the laws in NYC, you can barely tint the windows legally. What do you all have? Would you recommend tinting? I see so many cars with...
  4. Corolla 11th Gen Sedan 2014-19, Scion iM 2016-18
    This questions is for those that have tint that covers the rear back light. Did the tint shop remove the rear deck or use the tool to get in between the glass / light to smooth out the tint? Thanks for any feedback!
  5. Introduce Yourself Here
    It just dawned on me that when I was 7, going on 8, my parents had a Toyota Corolla. Now that my oldest is 7, going on 8, I bought myself a Corolla S :) Mine is white wrapped in a matte grey but I think that I'm going to bring it back to white and add the gloss black roof, mirrors and headlight...
  6. General Automotive Discussion
    Hey all, I made the mistake of of using a small piece of electrical tape to affix a parking permit to my rear window. When time came to remove the permit a small piece of the tape residue remained on the window. Any ideas on how to remove it without damaging the tint? For what its worth...
  7. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    I have pics but cannot figure out how to upload them :help:
  8. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    so far legal Mass state tints and yellow fogs done. Black And White
  9. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Has anyone used the Llumar ATR tint? Did it interfere with radio, GPS, or other devices? Thanks
  10. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Well here it is. Any tips and/or advise greatly appreciated. My 2012 Toyota Camry SE V-6. I added everything I could from facorty as well. Black Attitue color, Black/Ash interior. I love my new car. Currently have these done. --- Morimoto HID 6k Low Beams/ballasts --- 5% Tint on back...
  11. Venza Gen1 (2009-2016)
    Hi Everyone, As of last Thrusday, I am a proud Venza owner!:hi: We had our first kid back in September, and I quickly realized I needed a bigger car. I had a 2004 Acura TL A-spec, which I LOVED. IT was great, but being 6'3 325 I realized a bigger car would be more convenient. I started...
  12. Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    First, somewhat, of a project I've done so far. Between money and time its hard, but I'm abslutely stoked to start doing some mods and making it my own. But the lights came out alright. But i used the only clear coat spray paint i had, which was meant for rims. It still came out good, but it...
  13. Camry 7th Generation (2012-2017)
    Hello I'm currently in NYC and wanted to know what is the exact law when it comes to tinting windows. They say 70% of light has to be transmitted through the window, which would then mean you are allowed to get 30% tints right? I have read that this statement is wrong and have also read it...
  14. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Hey TN, I'm in alittle bit of a pickle. Someone offered to tint my entire windshield. The laws around here are pretty lax with window tinting. The guy only has 20% and 35% rolls big enough to do the windshield. I already have the tint strip which helps some what. Anyone have experience driving...
  15. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    Ok i assume that everyone might be a bit confused about the title of this tread, considering that the two have next to nothing to do with each other aside from the fact that they both keep unwanted stuff out.... I am simply asking for a poll response as to what the next mod should be for my...
  16. Camry 3rd and 4th Gen '92-'01, Solara '99-'03
    I have a 1998 Camry XLE and one of the next mods on my list is having it tinted. Spring is coming in Minnesota and with the leather seats and just general comfort at stake it's a needed change. Anyways the exterior is Beige as well as the interior and I was wondering what ppl think a proper %...
  17. Corolla 10th Gen/2nd Gen Matrix (2009-2013)
    Okay so I want to go with the tinted tail light look, but I'm not sure if I should go with something like this or...
  18. General Automotive Discussion
    Hi all, I have an 88 toyota camry, and I was just wondering how I tint my tail lights without screwing it up. I want it to look similar to this: Thanks! Daniel :)
1-18 of 21 Results