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  1. Sienna 3rd Generation (2011-2020)
    Hi everyone. Just bought a 2013 sienna XLE and was wondering if anyone has purchase a tune for one and had any luck. It’s for my wife but I hate getting outrun in anything I drive so was wanting to get a little more out of it. Any suggestions welcome
  2. Celica Forum
    So mind you I just turned twenty this is only my 2nd car ive always been obsessed with Toyotas since I found out what a supra was when I was a little kid. I just purchased a 1987 Celica ST coupe. and I know ill never be looking at that 700-800 hp but I would like to have fun on my first real car...
  3. Yaris/Scion iA, Vitz and Echo Forum
    I found out the catalytic converter I had was so clogged up, that it was red at night after driving. I then bought a universal 2" catalytic converter, and after that decided to get a whole system. I replaced the resonator with a Thrush Glasspack, and was not sure what to do for the muffler...
  4. Truck/SUV/van parts for sale
    Here is everything you need to add Sirius Satellite Radio to your 2009-2011 Tacoma that came pre-wired for Sat radio. This setup was installed on my 2009 Tacoma for ~3.5 years and worked great. Easy to install! Mine was the non-JBL headunit...not sure if it works with the JBL headunit or not...
1-5 of 5 Results