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’85 sedan engine/trans/dash swap?

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I have a chance to pick up a 1985 Corolla 4dr sedan SOHC carbed auto for $500 with 173,000 miles. I don’t know if I want it yet. Are there any “easy” engine swaps available? It is to be a daily driver, so I would like to keep it an auto, what are my transmission options there?

Also what about the interior? Right now it has dull tan interior, what other colors did they come in? Also, would a dash from a 2dr Corolla work?

Thanks a lot and sorry for all the questions, lol
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FX-16 dash would probubly work, there are engine for a quick jump in horse, like the 4age, that drop straight in, i think that MR2's came with autos(but rare), so a flexplate from an mr2 should work so you can keep the auto trans,

also you need a fuel pump, and wiring to be done amoung other things
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