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0-60 time decrease

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what is the easiest way to decrease my cars 0-60 time. i tried it and it was like 11 sec and c&d said that the 96 le camry got 60 in 8.3 sec. how do i get my car back down there without leavin my wallet empty
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8.3 is for the V6, not th I4. 11 is about right
when i looked up the c&d 0-60 for the v6 it said that it was slower
buddy you got em mixed up, no way the 4 banger is faster then the v6, that makes no sense.;)
so are u agreeing with me
even if my car does do it in 11 then how do i decrease that time without spending a fortune i want to decrease that time by at least 2 sec
Try intake and exhast. My intake on my 5s-fe 4 banger had decent gains for low end. If that doesn't work....use NAWZ. Youll be running 10 seconds in no time!
uh no i was'nt agreeing with you.

but anyway's the thing is if you want to make your car that much faster, you will be spending a decent amount. mods that don't cost a fortune will only take you so far, not sure if they would be enough to take off 2 seconds from your 0 to 60 time anyway.

but do a search you should be able to find some useful information that way.
what am i searchin for
things like

intake (cold air intake would be nice)
port and polish
there are superchargers and turbo's for your car, but that will get very expensive.

try searches using your engine code too: 5sfe
how much torque could i add to my car with $700. can u buy headers and an exhuast for that much?
i got 2.5 inch piping from my catalytic converter down to the muffler (cat-back system) and i put a short-ram intake and i didn't notice THAT much a difference it might have helped a little bit but you have to's a fatass car man so a little intake and exhaust won't do much but it's a start...i'm workin on a cold air intake system right now custom makin it far as cost 700 dollars will probably cover an intake and exhaust.....or intake and a header or possibly exhaust and a exhaust cost me .... 220 bucks after labor, piping, muffler, and tax. you just have to find the right shop to do it that won't overcharge. i do believe the weapon R intake for the 4 cylinder camry is like 150 bucks i think you can find it on if not search around. the only header i know of is made by bosal performance and um.....they're running around 479 dollars so if you wanna dump that kinda money into your car by all means DO...but to tell you honestly i didn't feel much a difference with exhaust and intake but i prolly need to replace the restrictive cat with a more free flow cat system and open it up a little bit....and if you get an intake get a cold air intake if you can but i don't think they make it for the 4 cylinder so haha do what i'm doin and make your own.
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what are u makin ur custom cai out of
haha laugh if you want but probably pvc pipe....i already have an existing short ram intake with a 3 inch pipe and am planning on continuing 3 in. pipe all the way to the cold air and using little 3 pipe connectors and stainless steel clamps that you can buy at auto zone to help steer the piping around the engine'll be a good little project....i may also use my existing intake seeing as how it has a hole to put the Mass Air Flow sensor anyway i'm hopin it will work...i don't see how using PVC pipe would be a bad thing so i'm gonna go for it
just one thing about the size piping you should be using, you have a 4 cyl so it's recommended that you get 2.25" exhaust piping and use 2.5" pipes for your intake, as opposed to the size piping bpcamrydude used, guess he was planning for his turbo when he got his exhaust done.

with the 2.25" exhaust piping you won't loose as much backpressure, which will stop you from loosing too much low end torque.
for an intake use some steel mandrel bent exhaust tubing from jc whitney. use the search at the top of the page to fine some instructions and a parts list.
Theres a Cai for 5s-fe a search on it on this site. I know I seen it somewhere....

::Edit:: found it for ya, I think this is a kit from a TN member.

Keep it in the TN family man!
$700, get a port and polish and get an intake, you'll be glad you did.
To do this, sell your car and get a V6 camry. or better yet, get and Altima 3.5.
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