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00' Tundra $8900 obo or 98' 4-Runner $8900 - which is better?

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Which of these two are better and which is a better buy? The Tundra is a 2000, 2wd, regular cab, V6 model. It has auto, air, tilt, cruise, fm-am-cassette and it in EC- it has 99K. The 4-Runner is a 1998, 4wd, SR-5. It is loaded with all options and in EC- it has 145K. Which of these are more reliable? Which seems like the better deal? According to KBB- they are about the same.

I am also considering a 1997 Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe @ the same price. Thanks.
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Id go for the American trucks if you will be doing hefty towing. The toyotas are known to last a long tims. Its up to you on which u want
Get the truck - You'll regret it. Everybody needs a truck at some point in their life!
Depends on what you need it for. They're both going to be pretty easy to resell. They both have the same engines.
IMO, pass on the Suburban and Tahoe. My neibor has owned a few of those and I think they are a gas guzzling POS.
As for the Tundra vs 4Runner, it depends. Whats more important to you: cargo room or passenger room?
Cargo room: Tundra
Passenger room: 4Runner
Ive owned a couple of 4Runners ('85, '91) and they are SWEET! :thumbsup: After driving Explorers and Grand Cherokees (never owned either but my parents have) I can see why used 4Runners are so hard to find and hold their value so well.
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