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01 & 03 Matrix

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Okay, here s a question for you guys since I know nothing about the Matrix w/ the exception that it sexy as hell.

Anyways whats the difference in the 01 and 03 Matrix cosmetically for the outside? I was reading an old article that said the 03 Matrix is alot better looking than the 01, but I always thought it was the same and the new 05 was the half gen Matrix.

Can somebody please elaborate for me.
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There was no matrix in 01. They made changes from the 04 to 05.
There is no 01 matrix. It started with the 03's , then 04's, now the 05's (05's are ugly IMO)

I have a 04.. Its almost 1 year old
like others have responded 03 first gen...and best gen...
180hp 04-2nd gen-173hp 05-3rd gen 170hp this of course is the XRS model.....the guages on the 04, and 05 are improved.....the front end of the 05 are fugly imo..other than that great ride.....
Cosmetically speaking, 03 and 04's are alike. The only change (exterior) in the 05 is the front grill and bumper (and foglight location.)
- 03/04 foglights located within lower grill
- 05 foglights located on bumper below headlights
Everything else (on the outside) remains the same. Oh wait. The taillights on the 05's are altezza stylee now.



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