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01 Avy Troubles

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Has anyone had to reset the computer after disconnecting the battery and swapping headlight bulbs????.....Last week I decided to swap out my factory Toyota headlight bulbs for the some Blue Xenon 9005's & 9006's.When doing so I had to dissconect and remove the car battery to access the bulbs on the drivers side.When removing the battery terminal cover I noticed corrosion on one of the termals so I cleaned it all off with my battery terminal cleaning tool.All went well and seemed pretty simple...........Re-installed everything,started the car and now curbside idle seems higher when first started,too low after it warms up and I notice it takes the car longer to shift from 2nd to 3rd (auto.trans).I driven the car over 100 miles.What's up with this?????? What's the correct procedure for re-setting the computer??????
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Usually tiny hands can gain acess in front on the batter to replace bulbs! But if you reset your ECU, your pretty much let your computer on a learning curve. More your drive and what type of fuel you put equates the power you receive. If you want to re-reset it, just diconnect the negative terminal from the batter for 5 minutes and reconnect (do note if by re-reset you mean going back to you original settings, its not possible).
Problem Fixed

I spoke with a mechanic today about the problem and he informed me that when re-setting the computer you must make sure everything is turned to the off position before re-connecting the battery ground after doing that I removed the ground wire,left it off for 10 mins,then re-installed it.She's running and shifting like new again.
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