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2001 Camry CE 4cyl - 5spd
90K miles

I drove this car for 2 hour on the test drive to make sure it was solid and the carfax showed a single owner who loved is car. So I bought it. I love the car too, but now after I changed the oil to synthetic 5w30 Mobil 1 and a Toyota Factory filter and a (NOT in the CRANKCASE) Seafoam through the brake booster I have a pronounced knock on acceleration/under load. I heard it plain as day when I was in traffic nearest to the median devider wall when I accelerate from a stop as the rpms reach the 3K mark it starts. it does not do it on start up or idle.

Immediately I pulled over and checked the oil. Still pristine and full. I filled my gas tank with premium and it seemed to help a bit, truthfully I have been avoiding trying to hear it so I dont know if it is still doing it. I have just been driving it very lightly

Could it be that the timing belt is worn and causing detonation?

Carbon? maybe I need to rev it more to get carbon out from my seafoam?

(FYI- I have been seamfoaming for years and I know how to do it. obviously too much will hydrolock and bend rods) when I seafoamed this car I slurped up no more than a capful at a time using only 1/3 bottle.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Prayers?

Thanks for your help in advance

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1998 T100 SR5 2WD
15,010 Posts might want to pull the valve cover and see if the engine is sludged before you continue driving the car. Snap some piccies and post them. ;)

Did you check out the plugs/wires? What condition are they in now? ;)

Shoot some video of the problem and post it up... :D

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If premium gas helped, then you probably have carbon buildup. Run Techron in the gas for a few tanks and check for improvement. If the car was a stop and go city driver, then take it for a run on the freeway.
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