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'01 Camry I-4 AT 60k service

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So, I've inheirted the responsibility for taking care of my lady's Camry. It's about to hit 60k, so I figured I'd buy all the parts and take care of what I can do, and have my mechanic do the rest. But, depending on what I read, I can't figure out what needs to be done. Best I can figure out is:
oil and filter (of course every 3k)
air filter (it is dirty)
tranny service (flush it - do I need the whole tranny filter kit?)
coolant flush
sparks (although this was done at 30k but I think replaced with regular, not platinum plugs - any advice on what to replace them with?)

What I don't know is if I should replace:
PCV valve (can't find any recommendations on that)
Fuel filter (doesn't seem to be anything on that either)
Timing belt (manual says 90k, dealer says 60k - dealer also said as long as I'm in there to do the water pump - are they especially weak on this model?)

Thanks, guys, I really appreciate any guidance.

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Timing belt you should follow the manual (90K), the dealer will tell you to change it earlier to rip you off.

I don't think the newer 1MZ-FE (V6) need to change water pump as I didn't have to change mine and mine's a 96.

Fuel filter you can change it if you want to. Some dealer will tell you they don't even change it at all.

Spark plugs regular platnum OEM ones are fine.
you can pull the pcv valve out and check to see if it's still clean and maybe spray some cleaner in it too keep it happy. i also say clean out the tb with some carb cleaner, i dont think you have to flush the tranny maybe just drain and new filter is so inclined to do so it's a rather new car i dont think it would need that, from my understanding the 97+ 1mz-fe's needed timming belts every 100k heck i'm kinda ashamed to say i still have my stock belt in my 96 with 120k ... going to be another month till i have enough money to replace the punk ... there also a egr filter that might need cleaning
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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