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01 Corolla looking for dash with Tachometer @ wreckers. What tools?

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I want to pick up a dash with a tach for my 01 CE Corolla. It's sometimes a pain carrying all of my tools through the wreckers. What tools do I need for the purpose of removing a dash from a Corolla which has a tach?


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Screw driver ..
Figured as much....thanks :)
Make that a stubby screw driver.... #2 Phillips IIRC.
Right. Tight spot and need correct driver for ease of work. Thanks.
Add a 10mm and a I think, 15mm, socket if you're gonna pull from a car without a tilt wheel. Maybe all models with a tach will have tilt?
Stubby and long philips #2 for the bezel and actual cluster.

Without tilt steering, add torx #30 for airbag, and 14mm socket for steering wheel nut.
I never even thought of pulling the steering wheel; I pulled the knee panel and lowered the column to do mine.
I've pulled the cluster from my 01 twice (no tilt), It just takes some careful "massaging" to get the bezel out. Don't try it in very cold weather mind you, as the plastic is more brittle. Philips # 2 screwdrviers , stubby and long, is all you really need.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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