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Hi there!

Brand new to the ToyotaNation. I was wondering if somebody can help me with my ODB2 code of P1130 on my '01 Highlander V6. I've done a bit of research but I'm a little confused. Is the P1130 code indicating to the Mass Air Flow Sensor or is the Air Fuel Ratio Sensor. Is this the same thing or is this just an Oxygen Sensor? I believe the reading I got was "Bank One, Sensor One, Air Fuel Ratio Sensor".

As far as the location of this sensor for "Bank One, Sensor One". Is this located on the exhaust manifold before the Cat. Converter?

Could somebody please clarify this for me? I'm planning to clean the sensor first before I go out to the dealer and buy the part. If I have to replace the part, I just want to make sure that I'm replacing the part that is giving me the problem code.

I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you!!!! :confused:

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