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Very poor gas milage only 400 km city driven when I put the heat or A/C on with a full 79 Litres i am getting 380 km only any sugessstion would greatly help thanks the 01 sienna has only 66000 km . no help from the dealership at all the dealer is Scarborough Lexus Toyota in Scarborough Ontario Canada .
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I am not sure what km converts to in miles so I dont know how bad of mileage you are getting. I have a 02 Sienna and get about 24mpg last time I checked. This was a trip we took that was about 80% hwy and 20% city.

The first thin I would do is a tune up on the car. Change the plugs, air filter, and PCV. Have the injectors cleaned or do it yourself using a product called Seafoam, you can do a search for information on this product. That is the first thing you need to do. You should also know taht in colder weather sometimes you fuel economy will drop because of the colder denser air. There has been some discussion about this on the Camry forum in the last couple of days.
As suggested, perhaps take to a shop for diagnosis, and check for any K&N filters. I had K&N air filter for about 2 1/2 - 3 years, and was getting similar bad mileage. Ended up costing me $2200 to get my van fixed... Plugs are not normally scheduled for replacement until the 90,000 (145,000 km) mile service.
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