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02 4Runner Tire Recommendation

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Well, guys, it's time to bury my old tires because they're shot to hell :sosad: .

I got some recommendations/prices from Discount Tire, but I thought I would consult w/ the real Toyota experts. :thumbup:

Which of these do you like or any others you can recommend? And is the pricing good or where can I get better?

Tire Pricing (all 4 tires)

Pathfinder Trail A/P - $481.32 - discounted tires, $540.52 - complete replacement coverage
Pathfinder Sport SUV - $507.32, $568.52
Pathfinder Luxury - $550.60, $615.80
Michelin LTX - $680.52, $755.72

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :smokin:
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Tires - Michelin

I put Michelin LTX's on my 2000 after researching a lot of reviews, but I don't know that they are worth the premium. They are supposedly quieter and smoother than the OE tires, but I don't notice a difference. Got mine at Costco.
I have an '02 4runner SR5 sport with 70/R16 also. It came with Goodyear Wranglers on it. I bought Michelin Cross Terrain SUV which was I think the most expensive tire for it :) They are a light quieter and smoother than the Goodyears. But not super noticeable. Overall I was happy with the purchase. $160 a piece at Discount Tire.
i'd go with michelin too they're pretty dang good.
whats the largest size tire you can fit on a 2001 sr5 4runner at stock height. right now it has the 225/75/r15 and I wanna go bigger if i can?
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