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02 echo transmission replacement

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Has anyone else had to replace thier transmission? I had 175000km on my 02 echo and the trans. went.:disappoin $1500 later for a rebuilt and I hope not to do it again. Toyota says its not a common problem but I've heard from mechanics that I'm not the first.
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Is is auto or manual? You didn't abuse it did you? I haven't heard of this either...hummm. My tranny is doing fine, and I hope stays that way! Sorry to hear about your troubles!:disappoin
It's a stick I don't like auto and no abuse
Are you happy with your rebuilt?

We are just now facing the same problem with our 2001 Echo at 96,000 miles. Tranny went out after several months of slowlly worsening noise. Our mechanic informed us that the tranny numbers have changed a few times -- this could or could not mean a significant revision in the design. We are wondering whether to go with a rebuilt or buy a new one. (We are very happy with the 'Echo otherwise, and want to continue driving it as long as possible.) What's your advice? Thanks so much.
I went with one out of a car from an accident (rebuilt). The trany was fine it was all body damage. Its been two years now and knock on wood everythings good. Huge difference in price and a good shop will warrenty the work and trany for 30-90 days. Do you know what caused yours to go? I was told that a rotary wheel (I think thats what they said) broke apart into lots of little pieces and took out the trany.
There arent many that go I think I've see 2 or 3 that have been done in the shop here. One of them the guy has replaced the clutch 3 times and opened the tranny twice to replace some bearings and third gear, I should also mention the guys son put an focus onto its roof on a residential street, so I wonder if it isin't the nut behind the wheel that's loose not the tranny.
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