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02 LE Front Door Speakers Problem

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I have already taken my 02 LE to best buy and they atempted to switch out the factor front door speakers with Alpine speakers, Even after ordering a special spacer ring they said that speaker would still make contact with the window.

Does anyone know if I could use these insted, and would these still require a custome MDF bracket?

Alpine Type-R SPR-17LP

6-1/2" 2-way

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I got some Type S in there using 1/2" MDF adapter. I just used the stock speaker brackets as a template. I mounted crossover behind the adapter while removing the crossover's top cover. From the crutchfield website it says to use 3" mounting dept speakers.

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I just put some 6 1/2'' speakers in the front doors of my car. I was saving this for later after I saw how well they lasted but I used these speaker adapters and so far no problems.........pure plug and play. These are for a 4runner but the front speaker bracket for the 4runner is the exact same shape as the front speaker bracket for the Camry so these adapters work fine (so far). Being that 6 1/2'' speakers have lower mounting depth than 6x9''s, this should solve your problem.
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