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02 Sienna - Engine Rattle At Certain RPM/Throttle

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So i thought i'd post in the general discussion since the Sienna has the 1MZ-FE w/ VVT-i Engine and that the Sienna forum doesn't have as many views compared to an area like here.

To start off, we have a 02 Sienna with the 1MZ-FE engine and at times, at around 2000 RPM [small range] it'll have a hint of a rattle. However if you have push in the throttle just enough and it maintains around that RPM with load [lets say on a hill], the engine will emit a slightly louder rattle.

I'm just curious if its anything to worry about or if its normal operation of the engine.

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First check the simple things; an exhaust shield or some other component could be loose, or you could have a stone wedged up by a shield or something. It's also possible though unlikely a baffle in your muffler may have rusted through and is loose. If a damaged muffler is the case, the sound will be come from the tailpipe and nowhere else. Next, you could also have an issue with a loose bolt on something somewhere, but good luck finding it. Check those basic things first though.
Our '98 Sienna has been making this exact same rattle for a couple of weeks, according to my wife. Today was the first time I was able to hear it for myself, however. The symptoms are exactly as Timbits93 described, with the rattle only being heard at 2200 RPM and above. Letting my foot off the gas pedal causes the rattle to disapper instantly once the RPM drops below 2200. If there's anything going wrong on inside the engine, I sure can't tell it based on the performance. The engine currently has over 282,000 miles on it and when I had the valve covers off last winter, I found zero evidence of sludge. If anyone has any experience with this rattle, I'd sure like to hear from you, thanks.

P.S. Timing belt was last replaced at 226,669 or about 55,000 miles ago.
Would it be possible to move this thread to the Camry forum? Those guys are 1MZ-FE experts.
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