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I have an '02 4.7L V8 RWD Tundra. FYI, my exhaust system after the manifold is extremely rusty and there are likely some holes.

1.First I was getting a P0440(evap) if I remember correctly. It was certainly an evap code and I thought it was most likely a gas cap or something. No worries because I had just had my truck registered for 2 years and it has 200k miles so I wasn't sinking money into it yet.

2. 6 months later, I had a misfire problem and replace all of my fairly old spark plugs with new platinum ones. Issue goes away.

3. Had an incident where I put bad gas in the tank. It was old 100 octane fuel that likely had some water in it. Engine was running very poorly. I added heet and let it sit overnight.

4. Still wouldn't run well in the morning. I siphoned the as much gas out as I could and dove the vehicle until it was dry and shut off.

5. I filled the truck with gas and it wouldn't start at all.

6. I ran the truck for a total of 5-10 min on just ether sprayed onto the air filter. This seemed to clear out the lines and they truck dove as it did before the bad gas incident. Still, only the P0440(evap) remained.

7. One year later. My truck started to run rough for the first 5-10 min on cold starts. I scanned it and found: P0161(O2 bank 2, sensor 2), P0420(cat), P0440(evap), P0441(evap), & P0446(evap).

8. A mechanic did an inspection on my truck and said he thought my canister was bad and that I had a misfire in cylinder 7 even though I didn't have a code. He suggested to check the spark plug gapping and replace the canister.

9. I checked all the evap lines and found one lose going from the canister to the intake manifold if I recall correctly. I checked cylinder 7 plug gapping and there was no issue there. I had replaced the plugs with platinum plugs 1 year before. I cleared codes and only the P0161(O2) remained after driving a bit. The rough cold starts also seemed to be gone.

10. I then replaced the passenger side downstream O2 sensor. The P0161(O2) went away, but it took several weeks to complete the IM readiness and I was mostly driving my car instead. The rough cold starts came back. The first time I started my truck with less than 3/4 of a tank, the IM readiness completed and I read code P0420(cat bank 1). During the time I was waiting for the IM readiness to complete, my exhaust hangers failed and the the system split between the resonator and the muffler. An exhaust coupling, muffler cement, and a steel strap fixed this for cheap.

11 .I replaced the downstream O2 sensor on the drivers side and cleared my codes. IM readiness is still not complete for only the evap system. The catalyst completed. I have pending codes for P0440(evap) and P0307(cylinder 7 misfire).

Any suggestions? The first thing I was thinking was to switch plugs and coils between cylinders.

Thanks ahead of time.

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