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I am working on an '03 Camry XLE V6.
I am having a problem with the driver side rear window, it will not go up or down. The motor makes a slight clicking? sound when I operate the window switch buttons as if it wants to work but cannot move the window. I tried swapping the passenger switch with it and both switches work OK but I still get the same result. I have the door panel off and can find nothing visually wrong with the guides, motor, window, regulator, etc... There is no area that I can find that would accommodate a manual crank like on the front window and I even tried a little prying on the regulator to see if it would move, to no avail. That baby is really stuck in there!!! It is kinda difficult to work in the cramped door cavity so, any help would be greatly appreciated before I try to take the rest of it apart.
Thanks in advance, Leon Geiser. :)
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