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Hello everyone,

Im newbie to Corolla and i just recently got a 2003 Corolla S with 05 XRS black face 9000 rpm cluster working well on it. I want to swap it for a nice 06 white face silver rings Corolla S one. Will it work? My car is manual. Dont matter if it comes from an automatic car?

Your advise is appreciated thanks before hand.

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I'm curious how someone got the XRS cluster to work on an 03 seeing as how they have different fuel sending units and the optitron from the XRS requires some resistors to be wired in and a different dimmer switch. On the general consensus was you can swap 03-04 in an 03-04 and 05-08 in an 05-08. This was due to fuel tank differences, resistance differences, and dimmer switch differences.

If you want white face any 2003-2004 LE will have white face gauges and be a direct swap.
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