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Has anyone installed a 3rd row seat from an 04-07 Highlander in an 03 Highlander? If so, can you please advise me on the difficulty and where you found the 3rd row seat at?

04 Highlanders were the 1st year with a 3rd row seat. We currently have an 03 and need a 3rd row seat (family growing), but are 10K upside down and cannot afford to trade. The 03 and 04 seem virtually the same. I am thinking I can lift the carpet in the rear, drop the gas tank and drill holes for a 3rd row seat and safety belts. from what I have found, it seems like $400-500 investment well worth saving my Highlander. Does anyone think this is a bad idea?

Please let me know your thoughts? Thanks alot.

Chris Sanders
2LT, US Army
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