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Hello all.

I hope someone can help me even a little with this. I was driving down the highway passing a semi when i heard a strange noise coming from my motor. I shrugged it off for the moment thinking it was the semi and kept riding. A few miles later when i was by myself it happened again and i pulled over. My car wouldnt shift into any gear once it was in neutral and i thought oh crap there goes my clutch.

After having my grandfather come and pull me back to my house the car was able to shift into gears again. Strange. When it goes into first gear at about 3k rpm it makes a loud pop like something fell out of the engine. Also it whines when its in any gear at any rpm.

When we got it home and i was told by a mechanic friend, who works on honda's btw,(after jacking the car up on jack stands) that there was something wrong with my transmission (obviously). Another friend of mine said it seems like the throwout bearing in the clutch went bad but im not sure whats going on.

Were going to drop the transmission in a few days and probably put a new clutch kit and flywheel in but i was wondering if anyone else had any other opinions about it and also if someone could help me find a page of how to disassemble the shift linkage...

anything could help...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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