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03 Matrix XRS, somewhat tricked?

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Hey, this is Matt from Howard County, MD. I gots a 2003 Cosmic Blue Matrix XRS and i love it to death.

Mods include 18-inch ADR rims wrapped in Kuhmo Ecsta Supras, Borla stainless catback exhaust, and front & rear strut bars. I've also got a 200W MD Deck and an amplified bazooka bass tube, which pumps pretty nicely.

My Tein S-type Springs will be here in a few days, which'll lower the car -2.3" in the front and -2.1" in the back. Gonna be madd low, but i'll guess it'll force me to drive more cautiously and what not.

This summer, I'll also be trying to get AEM CAI, a short shift kit, maybe a colored dash kit, a mesh billet grill kit, and that'll do it. Maybe when I have a real job 3-4 years in the future, I can afford that turbo kit. But we'll see.

I'll have pictures up as soon as I find a digital camera. pZ
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welcome to the boards, always glad to have another Matrix aboard
Welcome to TN! Hope to see pix soon!;)
Nice car:thumbup: Welcome to TN
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