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Bunch of engine parts from an 03 4.7 non VVTi auto with ~ 80,000 miles.
Pretty much everything except the short block.

2 Complete heads $50 each
2 Uncracked exhaust manifolds $30 each
Pulleys from the front $10 each
Special bolts/studs
Intake manifold
Oil pan

I plan to add pics tonite or tomorrow

I just want to get rid of this stuff; if you don't see it listed feel free to ask.

Prices are in US $ and do not include shipping

*Parts are in Hopkinton Ma, in the right corner of my shed, under the window*

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Where in Mass.? Last I checked Mass. was still a state, need to post a more specific location please.

Forum rules: 1. Please post location (city/state/province/country) in the topic.
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