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03' Type-S possibilities

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I am just thinking of possible future customizations. The whole purpose is to figure out what my car can do. I was raised the old school custome ways. Not for just proformance, but for originality.

1- I would like to know if a 3s-gte gen 4 would fit in the corolla. I'm more curious about the mounting. I know I could "make it fit". The performance would be amazing though.

2- I'm curious if the matrix AWD could be fit to the corolla. More of a thought ygM an actual plan.

Any help or possible ideas would be great. I know it won't be cheap and loabor exTensive. That's ok.

Aeoni .
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Matrix AWD is a bad idea. Not only was it only available on 1ZZ automatic, but it is incredibly weak.

The 3SGTE is going to be a "make it fit". The good thing is that the Celica runs a similar mount setup to the Corolla so it should be more of a relocation rather than redesign thing.

You can build your existing 1ZZFE to decent power levels for much less than the 3SGTE swap without the headache.
So what would be a good alternative to the matrix awd. I have seen an awd on a 03 type s. Would it have to be a total custom job?
Buying an AWD car like a Subaru Impreza.
So what would be a good alternative to the matrix awd. I have seen an awd on a 03 type s. Would it have to be a total custom job?
I doubt that it was a Altis body corolla. its possible but its not in any way worth it. Also type S is a Honda thing, its just a Corolla S.
I had an Impreza before my Corolla and I honestly like the Corolla more in most ways.
if it were my car and I had that sort of cash to throw at it for an AWD swap I would just turbo the 1zz. They take boost pretty well.

Good luck with your Corolla and welcome!
My suggestion would be to go the 2zz route if you can afford it. Monkey wrench racing sells long blocks with tranny and ecu and harness to complete a swap. Alternatively, they also sell stroker kits as well as cylinder heads depending on what you need. There is also the option of turbo and supercharging for the 1zz. From what i see, the 2zze could fit without much modification since the 9th gen xrs is based on the same chassis.
I would buy an old WRX, early 2000's before they bumped up the displacement to 2.5 L. Those are really cheap right now and they make great project cars. Dump in an STI engine and have a really freaking fast car. Plus they will handle way better than any Corolla, having double wishbone on all four corners. Just my two cents. Sure, not nearly as good a sleeper as a Corolla, but you could swap the hood for a non-WRX and run a FMIC and your average muscle car owner would have no idea.

edit: +1 on the 2ZZ-GE swap
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