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So, I am replacing my stock stereo, and I have run into a couple of problems. Here they are:

Old stock HU = Great reception on 99% of FM stations.
New, Sony GT520 HU = Mediocre reception on 50% of FM stations (sounds like a 'crakling' effect - TERRIBLE)
What can I do???

Now recieving slight 'whirring' sound through speakers as engine spools up... Just installed MTX Thunder 340 Amp. Sounds like a noise filter??

Having trouble mounting rear 6X9's. The mounting holes don't match up. Speakers are Infinity Kappas. Any ideas???

4. OFF TOPIC: One last thing... I think the front struts may be dying. Car pushes and pulls on the freeway pretty bad. And I hear a clunk from the front-left when entering driveways, holes in the road or aggressive breaking. What do you think???

Talk to me!!

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1. make sure the connection to the antenna on the back of the new HU is in correctly

2. I get that too, possibly the wires aren't shielded well enough, or even the HU itself isnt

3. had same prob w/ 6x9s just drill new holes, that's what most guys who work audio installation would prolly do

4. get new front struts
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